When It Is Always Halloween

This blog post is a tad untimely. But since “inspiration” struck me only now, here I am, taking a step back in time until October 2016. It was Halloween in this little village where I live. Considering that I originally hail from the gigantic, busy city of Mumbai, my brain is used to categorizing quaint, scenic places as villages. Otherwise, for the local people, this village is their proud city. Anyway, it was Halloween and this beautiful, scenic, quiet “city”decided to turn spooky. Shops turned all Halloween-y with their wares and people started “decorating” their houses with witch masks, spider webs and scary Jack o Lanterns. As I saw the city gear up for Halloween, I couldn’t help but snigger.

Here’s why. I am yet to see a place more beautiful than this one (it might seem like I’m veering from the topic, but please bear with me). It is lush green in spring and summer, and the autumn foliage is covered in unbelievably pretty hues. Little houses across the city peeking from behind the green, yellow, orange and red trees are a visual delight. However, the sun takes with itself all the beauty of this quiet heaven, probably as its wages for exuding warmth throughout the day. Upon nightfall, the city assumes a grim and somewhat scary demeanor, making it difficult for the faint-hearted (read: me) to take to its various lanes and by-lanes all by themselves. Dimly lit lone houses atop hills appear anything but welcoming. This is how it is all around the year. Then arrives Halloween to up the already high spook quotient of the city and thus escapes a little chuckle from my lips.

My daily visual treat

Everyday, I feast my eyes on this charming sight (it indeed is beautiful during the day) along my regular route. But, Halloween or no Halloween, I wouldn’t dare to get near it at night. Because, at that hour, certain other facts overshadow the charm of the house. Let me present them in an increasing order of their “eerie-ness”- there are no street lights around it, it faces a cemetery and….no one lives in it!