When Non-Dreams Come True!

These days, I am in the take-life-as-it-comes mode. And therefore I land up doing things I had never imagined I would do. Like, cooking traditional dishes. Now, people with whom I have ever conversed, even for a fraction of a second, are aware that only two things define me: my love for the movie Tamasha (please do not not watch it if you have not already) and my baking skills (non-skills, actually). But attempting traditional preparations? It’s like a whole new me, with a love for Tamasha, of course.

During the past few months, a surprised me has been dishing up Dal Dhokli, Handvo, Bisi Belle Rice, Umbadiyo, Chivda and their other traditional cousins. But the true highlight of my culinary expedition was my brain conjuring up the idea that I can non-disastrously cook this delight of a dish called Pineapple Sheera and my hands obediently whipping it up! Is this phase of my life really happening or have I entered my dream (honestly, cooking Pineapple Sheera was not even a part of my dreams!)? What can I say – life just happens (and along with it happen Pineapple Sheera  and Umbadiyo). So, I am just taking it as it comes and succumbing to the urge of going traditional in the kitchen! #Traditionalcooking


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