Time and again (and again and again)

May I introduce my pal through life, the one and only, the invincible, the ever-present …..”untimeliness”! Courtesy, this perennial companion of mine, the absolutely right things happen to me at the completely wrong time. I was first acquainted with this beast of a thing at a meeting where there were bosses and their bosses and their bosses. In such a setting, untimeliness landed uninvited, causing me to blurt something I shouldn’t have. Embarrassment followed and I resolved to be careful then onward. But what was I to do when untimeliness had taken a fancy to me. Thereafter, this happened and that, and each time was “untimelier” than the previous. Years passed and I resigned myself to fate to accept this unwanted, yet loyal friend. Bloopers had now become a mundane feature. This monotony however was broken in March 2014 when untimeliness reached new heights with the following monumental incident in my life. Let’s re-wind a little to last month.

Flashback: Some desires just refuse to ebb. I longed to see Goa. Everybody and his uncle had been there but me. And therefore the very mention of the place stirred something in me: don’t really know what it was – maybe pain or dreaminess or jealousy or joy or the pricking feeling of lack of company (because nobody was interested in going there again!!) or was it the pain of lack of company that took the form of jealousy and joy just happened to be around (God knows why!)? Anyway, the long and short of it was that something in me stirred at the very mention of Goa.

Moving on, one day, as my stars changed, the prospects of a visit to Goa emerged. Despite having been there umpteen times and sworn to never set foot there again, that too umpteen times (exaggeration under the garb of creative liberty and the like), my gal pals – Shraddha and Kajal – agreed to plan a vacation to Goa. I don’t know how I managed to sleep every night after we booked our tickets until the day we landed at the airport. Probably the dreams of beaches and party and food and an overall great time in Goa lured me to sleep. Seriously, that’s the only plausible explanation I can think of because my excitement had shot through the roof. The designated hour finally arrived and I reached Goa. And along came untimeliness!

As Kajal and I were loitering at the airport, waiting for Shraddha who was on the next flight, we chatted and ate and drank (water) and then went and got hungry again. Kajal said she could eat again and I too said I could drink again – only this time, I chose the wrong drink. No, I didn’t express my desire to drink beer or wine or rum or brandy or any blessed cocktail or mocktail or coconut water or even good old water. Upon setting foot on the shores of Goa for the very first time, I wanted milk!!!! While I was at my wits end trying to figure out what happened and why it happened, Goa shook with the boisterous mirth (means “noisy laughter”; always wanted to use this term) of my friends (Shraddha had arrived then).

Right drink (healthy, full of protein and what not), but such, I mean, SUCH a wrong time (Friday night in Goa)! Since then, untimeliness and I have inched closer, much to my chagrin.

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