Timezoned Out

Historians describe my world as a time capsule. It is the place where the extinct things of the world continue to exist, serve and are treasured. But wait! Dinosaurs have ambled out of my world too, so rein in your excitement before you plan a Sunday outing here with family. Honestly, you might not even get lucky enough to spot a sparrow. However, let disappointment not befall you because I’m glad to announce that you’ll certainly behold the old MTNL handset here! Oh the shrilling sound of its ring, its utter immobility and sheer incompetence in storing numbers….where else does one find all this nowadays? And as if that’s not enough, you’ll even find the MTNL handset’s eternal companion, the old-fashioned address book. Among other extinct things that have found respect here are copies of Readers Digest, pocket dictionary, flash-less rectangular Canon camera, an embroidered cotton purse, a polka dotted bag, handmade bangle-holder and the use of archaic English (love using “whilst”).

Until a few years ago, I used to carry a part of my time-frozen world everywhere  – my Nokia 2300 handset. With rarity that made even the Bengal Tiger appear less endangered, my phone elicited exclamations wherever it went – in the office, at bus-stops, restaurants as well as other public places. After using it for nearly eternity, when I parted with the Nokia 2300 handset, it marked the end of an era. I then stepped into the world of android phones with my new Sony Xperia Mini-Pro handset. It took me two whole years to regularly start using all the features of the phone. Yet, the Nero Reader was untouched and so were the games. I was happy flashing the camera at anything and everything that seemed remotely interesting. It was now two years since the phone was with me….it’s original earphones had long been buried and the handset itself had started giving trouble. Yet, our journey had just begun. I was looking forward to yet another era of togetherness. However, destiny had other plans. On a fateful Tuesday evening, the unthinkable happened. I lost my Sony Xperia Mini-Pro.

Today, as I mourn the untimely death of our togetherness, I’ve found some solace in another old phone in my palms. All is not lost yet. It’s almost like old times again (although temporarily) – heads turning at the sight of my ancient phone. Who says time does not come back?

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